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The best talisman to support the 5 lines
By Ajarnnoo Kanpai –
world legend creator.

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“Thao Wessuwanno”

Buddhist Sign

Contact for inquiries 📞0875907659 Line:@aj995


“Thao Wessuwanno”

Buddhist Sign

Contact for inquiries 📞0875907659 Line:@aj995


“Lotus Yant”

Buddhist Sign

“Lotus Yant” Buddha’s virtues are as follows:

It is another talisman that stands out in terms of the Buddha’s mercy and the great charm.

It is very auspicious, a talisman with coldness in it. Added with great mercy support life’s destiny enhance wealth Business, trade, prosperous.

To meet the desired success

(Lotus is a flower of Buddhism according to the beliefs in the history of Buddhism)

Contact for inquiries 📞0875907659 Line:@aj995




When it comes to Ajarnnoo Kanpai, no one will say that they don’t know this name. Because in the talisman tattoo industry in Thailand today, District Nu of the Yantra Tattoo School, Pathum Thani Province is considered the prototype of Thai talisman tattoo designs. It is regarded as the person who restored the lost Thai yantra tattoo designs. And there are many famous people who come to get a talisman with the teacher, even the famous Hollywood star “Angelina Jolie”, an American star also comes to get a talisman with the teacher as well.

At present, in tattooing, no one knows Ajarnnoo Kanpai, who has created a reputation for national and international level. There are many students, both Thais and many foreigners, and most importantly, a wide variety of professions. In the past, there were only groups of people, but nowadays, all classes, castes, professions, both in the civil service. senior management Business owners, celebrities and artists are recognized and are many disciples. All the disciples had great respect for Ajarnnoo.


Sacred ObjectS

Sacred objects that have been consecrated by the monks. Together with Ajarnoo, increase luck, support luck, prevent various dangers.

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It is a talisman tattoo ink on the body with the power of Buddha that enhances luck, fortune, luck, work, finance, etc.

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Contact for information and details of sacred objects, tattooing talismans, including booking a queue for tattoo.

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Meaning of tattoos


Enhance the power of Buddha, support your luck, open your luck, have great mercy, have great mercy with a talisman tattooed by Ajarnnoo Kanpai

Each talisman has different meanings and patterns.

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เสริมดวงการเงิน การงาน เสริมดวง


เสริมดวง หนุนดวง โชคลาภ ด้านการเงินและการงาน โดยวัตถุมงคลที่ผ่านพิธีการปลุกเสกโดยพระเกจิชื่อดังหลายท่านและอาจารย์หนู กันภัย

Improve your financial luck, business success

sacred object

Enhance your luck, support your fortune, finance and work by sacred objects that have been chanted by many famous monks and Ajarnnoo Kanpai

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Collection of photos of the tattoo ceremony and the works of Ajarnnoo Kanpai

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